Zaitoon Summer Surprise – Grand Lucky Draw

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Pakistan emerged on the Map of Pakistan on the Day of 14th August 1947. Since then the independence day of Pakistan is loved and celebrated more than any other day in the country. People from all walks of life appreciate the selfless leaders and their hard work. The honourable day of independence was given wings of joy when Zaitoon announced a Grand Lucky Draw. The land of freedom and happiness, everyone spends the day of independence with an equivalent joy no matter what their caste, colour, and creed is. the struggle for liberty from our ancestors and selfless leaders bore fruit.

Summer Surprise

Zaitoon took an initiative to form this special day more special for the people by organizing a Grand Lucky Draw. Mian Ayaz Anwar and Mian Ejaz Anwar have developed Zaitoon to spread the happiness among the people either through philanthropic means, land ventures or such grand lucky draws.

Summer Surprise – A Grand Lucky Draw

Keeping the festivities of the state in mind, Zaitoon organized the biggest lucky draw in the Real-Estate Sector. The Grand Lucky Draw was aired live to tell the tale the digital media platforms of Zaitoon and New Lahore City. The event was located within the walls of New Lahore City inside the very own Corporate Office of Zaitoon. Thousands of viewers watched the event online, while many others were sitting there at the time of the event. Quranic Verses were recited followed by a Naat to start out of the event, creating a compelling environment. The officials of Zaitoon made their speeches and therefore the event took off.

People were awed by the exceptional performance of Mussarat Abbas, he sang the national songs of Pakistan. The event is hosted by one among the foremost compelling hosts of all time namely Sofia Anjum, she effortlessly kept cheering the audience up and kept the environment of the event lively.

Summer Surprise
Summer Surprise

The Lucky Draw started, 5 lucky winners of residential plots won new Honda CG-125 Special Edition 2020 Self Start while one lucky winner of commercial plots won the Toyota Corolla Atlis Automatic 1.6L. The corporate office of Zaitoon was decorated with the gorgeous Pakistani flags, the aura was matched with the colour scheme of the flag, green and white. The ceremony was professionally managed and was beautifully decorated.

Summer Surprise
Summer Surprise

Lucky Winners of Summer Surprise

The host of this event was calling sales managers one by one. The sales managers picked out one coupon and therefore the host announced the names of the winners. Winners who were present came to the stage to gather their prizes and therefore the ones who weren’t present were called and informed. Sales managers who picked out the coupons were Mr Khurram Raza, Mr Tamoor Shahid, Ms Hina Munir, Mr Hassan Askari. The fifth coupon was picked out by the Senior Manager of REC sales division Mr Irfan Asif. The mighty coupon for the car was picked out by Mr Furqan Aslam (Senior Manager Sales). The event was telecasted live for the audience to ascertain the transparency of the lucky draw.

The transparency of the Lucky Draw might be seen through the digital media telecast, the live telecast proved that the draw was transparent. The host called out the managers, who successively picked out the coupons of the lucky draw winners. After 5 coupons were awarded and therefore the winners were acknowledged through calling them on stage and the ones who weren’t present called and informed, Mr Furqan Aslam the Senior Manager Sales stepped up the stage for the last and therefore the mega coupon. The car coupon was picked out by Mr Furqan and therefore the winner was awarded.

  • Mr Ammar Hassan – New Honda Bike
  • Mr Salman James – New Honda Bike
  • Ms Zeenat Asif – New Honda Bike
  • Mr Gulzar Ahmed – New Honda Bike
  • Mr. Sharafat Ali – New Honda Bike
Mr. Shahid Akhtar (Toyota Corolla Atlis Automatic 1.6L)

New Lahore City was the simplest venue for Zaitoon’s mega lucky draw. The musical event at the Grand Lucky Draw was highly appreciated by the people present and therefore the ones watching it online. The people tensed and depressed thanks to the pandemic got an opportunity to cheer up by the management of Zaitoon. a number of the highlights from the event through the eyes of the camera.

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