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What are the best diets to gain weight with workout


For many people, gaining weight is as gigantic a task as losing weight for people like me. Thus, here are some components of a diet that, if utilized, could help in gaining weight.


Every diet is incomplete without milk. It is a weight gainer and a muscle builder. Milk contains the perfect combination of proteins and carbohydrates, while also containing a large amount of calcium. If one glass of milk is consumed daily, weight and muscle growth is guaranteed.



Rice is another food that can be consumed. It is calorie dense and contains a fair amount of carbohydrates and low amounts of fats. However, excess amounts of rice can lead to deficiency of some nutrients, so only a certain amount of rice should be consumed weekly.

Red Meat:

Red Meats are a perfect source for weight gain. They contain large amounts of proteins and fats, which are perfect for weight-gainers. However, the amount needs to be regulated as red meat was placed on a possible carcinogenic (cancer causing) foods list by the WHO.

If these 3 food are used in proper quantity, anyone can gain weight easily, with no health risks at all. Provided you work out alongside too.

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  • Ma sha Allah, a topic which interests so many under weight like the writer. Sometimes some external pressure or family,s discriminatory attitude also results in permanent under weight phenomenon.
    Great effort, normally losing weight writings appear in print as well social media.

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