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The Essential Guide to Have a Better Diet


In the age of the novel corona virus, maintaining one’s health and getting proper nutrition has become more important than ever. Not only does having a proper diet save you from multiple diseases, it also boosts your immune system as the body faces no shortage of any type of nutrients. Thus, here is a short guide on how to achieve a better diet, without any problems.

Limit the Intake of Fats

Fats are the biggest enemies of humans. Not only does their excessive intake cause obesity, but fats also cause complications such as heart disease, angina pectoris and stroke by narrowing or blocking the arteries carrying vital oxygenated blood to our organs. While fats are important for humans since they act as an energy store and keep us warm in cold weather, an excess of them causes irreparable damage. Thus, the key is to limit their usage to a bare minimum.

Carbohydrates Are The Way To Go

Carbohydrates should form a vital part of the diet, with it being present in each meal. Found in bread and rice, carbohydrates are the first source of energy that the body utilizes. It is easily broken down and doesn’t cause any health problems like fats. Unlike fats, the key for carbohydrates is to maximize their usage.

Green Revolution & Diet

A proper diet is incomplete without fruits and vegetables. Green vegetables are the perfect source for vitamins and fibre and they do not cause obesity and health issues. Fibre, though not digested by the human body, plays a key role in bowel movement and prevents constipation. Vitamins such as Vitamin A, found in broccoli and prevents night time blindness, Vitamin B, found in unpolished rice and eggs and prevents anemia, Vitamin C, found in citrus fruits such as oranges and prevents scurvy, play a key role in keeping us healthy and preventing diseases. Fruits have a similar tale as they are a source of vitamins as well and are fat-free to a large extent. Thus, fruits and vegetables should be consumed regularly to avoid any deficiency.

Proteins in Diet Deserve Caution

While the lack of proteins causes kwashiorkor and malnutrition, as well as cell damage, an excess can have negative effects such as obesity. Thus, the amount of protein intake should be regulated properly, with no more than 3 servings daily. If all the recommendations are properly followed, undoubtedly a healthy diet and a healthy life shall follow.

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