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Some Healthy Foods that Aren’t Really Healthy

Granola Bars
Written by Walija Ishtiaq

Honestly, there is a lot of misleading information along with the term healthy. We are so easily influenced by social media without even thinking twice. I hate to burst your bubble but some of our favorite meals, snacks, and drinks – that we think are healthy – are in fact unhealthy.


Fat carries most of the flavour of the food, when it is taken out the void must have to be filled with something else. Sugar is the first choice mostly, that can trick your brain to eat more calories than you actually require.


Most granola bars are the sticky-sweet junk food in disguise. Don’t let a few oats fool you. They are a rich source of synthetic sugars. Opt for brands that have a blend of oats, whole grains, and other natural ingredients.


Although they are packed with healthy nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants. They can also be a rich source of artificial sweeteners. If you’re set on having a bottled juice or smoothie, first check the ingredients label and make sure it contains no more than 15 grams of carbohydrates per serving,


Fruit cocktails are an appealing snack on a busy day when you’re running late but want to eat something healthy. The issue is one cup has about 110 calories and over 25g of sugar (In One Small. Cup.). You can just grab an apple or any other fruit.


Most deli meats, like turkey, roast beef, bologna, salami, etc., are often loaded with sodium, nitrates, saturated fat, and fillers. A better option is to stick to organic and/or humanely raised animal proteins, like chicken, turkey breast, or eggs.


 That dried fruit you’ve been snacking on could be adding tons of sugar to your diet. Dried fruits are overloaded with sugars and can be a huge diet stormer for you.

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