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Mian Ejaz Anwar & The Contribution to Zaitoon

Written by mahad

Pakistan’s real estate has an enormous commitment to its monetary development. As per the World Bank gauge, the size of a nation’s land resources comprises somewhere in the range of 60 and 70% of the nation’s all-out riches. Zaitoon is bestowing a huge part in the growth of Pakistan’s real estate.  But the credit for the sky-scraping pennant development of Zaitoon goes to Mian Ejaz Anwar (Managing Partner) & Mian Ayaz Anwar (CEO of Zaitoon).

Mian Ejaz Anwar being the Managing Partner has a lot of responsibilities on his shoulders which he always fulfilled with full diligence. He without any exception makes sure that the board is viable in its errand of setting and executing the organization’s course and technique. He always acts as the company’s leading representative that presumes the presence of the organization’s aims and policies to the outside world.

Mian Ejaz Anwar being the experienced and triumphant gets his head around the vocation, its way of life, individuals, and procedures. He also fathoms the more extensive industry and set up the Company for all inevitabilities. Either, all the employees are utilizing their special abilities to benefit the association is what he always keeps an eye on to.

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